Lev Shelo Video Project



Good Day all!  Blessings to you in the name of our LORD.

Lev Shelo is one of my favorite worship bands.  Lev Shelo means ” His Heart” and Corry Bell the lead vocalist  is definately a lady who has the Lord’s Heart.  Their ministry reaches across all cultural boundries  unifying the body of Messiah.

Their web site is http://levshelo.com/home

At this time I am asking to for to help finish the making of the video for “Hasivenu Elecka”    Below our some words from an email I received from Corry.

At week two, we need something a little more up close and personal. That’s why I’m writing to you now.  We have less than 3 weeks to raise over $20,000.  I need help getting the word out and seeing if God lays it upon hearts to support the video, the first of its kind in the Messianic Jewish world.  Production of this high-quality video was quite expensive for a small, independent ministry such as ours.  But we believe we have God’s favor in this endeavor.
I believe we have something very unique and special to offer.  A very professional, beautifully produced product that will not be for sale, but we are offering it to the world media to bring more exposure to the Messianic Jewish community and to turn hearts back to God.  This also means we have no wayto recoup our expenses, except through friends like you! 
Even if you cannot contribute at this time, that’s ok.  (I know things are always so tight in that department during this season of your lives.  It is for us too.)  God knows our needs and He will meet them.  We still need a lot of prayer and I know you can do that.  But I need something else from you that will connect me to those who can contribute and will be a HUGE help to our campaign.  If you would be so kind as to  email a few of your friends, co-workers and those on your contact list who might be interested in sowing into this project and write a short, heart-felt endorsement.  And be sure to include this link to Indiegogo for your friends to donate on:
That’s it.  Our time is short with less than 3 weeks to go. Can you do that, please?   We’re very appreciative for the help!  Do you have public announcements available on your station?
I should have another update soon.  Its slow going now and I really could use a little help getting the word out.  I know everyone wants donations to their causes and for some a video might not look so important, but I’ll outline in my next Lev Shelo newsletter why this one is.  Its not just about music.  I thank God for you and thank you in advance!
Please consider in prayer how the Lord would have you to bring this project to a lost and dying world!
Shalom,  Scott



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